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Hi @zliquorman1276

Thanks for your advice about images, that is good to know, I’ll try it out.

As far as my projects go, I have large files (20+ chapters), with text at the title level, as well as text in quiz question text entry boxes. I have to export this for each chapter for translation. I can’t see how I can keep a single file, with multiple languages, if there are multiple files.

I would have to combine the translated work back into a single file. I know that there is an option on publish, to select a translation file for each language to be published, but I need to select 20+ translation files, and then I always need to edit the file after translation because the text moves things around. There is a significant difference from the size and appearance of Russian, Portuguese, English etc…

It would also mean, if I make any changes to the source, then I’d have to republish in every language, and that would be ok if there were not edits required to the output, but there are currently so many changes required after I import the translated text, I can’t imagine this would save me time.

Maybe the translation feature is optimised for small projects. If you have further advice that I’m missing, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks again for your help.