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Thanks, @clammers – I hope others could use the model and even adapt it to their own needs.

One thought about your idea is to create classes for active/inactive options (i.e. <option class=”inactive”> and don’t add the “href” to the option initially. Then at page load, update the option class to the active class instead of adding the option the way my sample does. The class could be text styling or changing the background image, etc.

This may not work on the drop-down list, however. I was researching how to style the drop-down list options and it appeared that how the list appears in the drop-down is based on the browser settings and/or user’s system settings. I did find this post on StackOverflow, but haven’t had a chance to experiment with any of the suggestions.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to “scrape” the pages on a site to use them as options, so hand-coding the entire TOC might be required.

@timk – If I’m “hijacking” this thread, let me know and I’ll start a new one 🙂