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Any update to this NOTES issue?

It is getting beyond frustrating to have to use workarounds in order to use Lectora (and I’ve been using it for 11 years).

There has to be a way to set the X,Y of where the note shows up and can be clicked and edited.  The note I found in the workaround was found at 5328,1184.  To me that is like looking for something in my kitchen only to find out it is in the basement of my neighbor’s house down the street and around the corner.

Another suggestion is to make the notes editable in the Notes Manager.

So as an example…I just spent several minutes having to close my title, open it in Notepad, find and edit the X,Y of the note, save it, and reopen my title.  All when I should have been able to open the note, make the change, and move on.  If it was just one note…meh…but this course has nearly 50 pages that could potentially add to the headache I’ve already had for several days (not a jab at the notes issue, I’ve really had headache for a few days and it is just making this situation worse).

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