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I’d like to add a comment to the option @ssneg mentioned for using text blocks with actions.

For accessibility purposes, this would be a highly discouraged practice (see the post about issues with text-to-speech and reading buttons). Text blocks with actions are read by screen readers completely differently than actual buttons. Buttons always have the “button” type, where as text blocks do not, even when clickable. Screen readers will announce a text block action with an “href” and use “has JavaScript onUp”. While I’d wager screen readers are used to this, it does not truly represent what the element is or what it does.

I’ve used HTML extensions to build buttons as well and if you properly use the “<button>” type, all will be well with screen readers. I’ll always highly encourage developing with accessibility in mind up front, regardless – it can be considerable work to have to go back and add features or requirements at a later time. This is from experience 🙂

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