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Thank you! This makes a lot of sense and points me back to some settings I had not realized (or remembered) I had marked.  (I’m trying to learn everything there is to know about Lectora Online – relevant to my company’s needs – in a few weeks of having the trial version and, as you well know, that is an impossible task. I know I’m only scratching the surface on so many things!)

  • When this Custom Results setting is enabled, is the student’s name captured in a specific variable (other than AICC_Student_Name, which you indicate already is populated by virtue of the relationship with the LMS) that I can access? I want to enter that name on the test results page the student sees upon test completion.
  • Then, based on the info you provided, I believe I now need to look more into the Google spreadsheet option. Besides using Lectora Online Help, is there any especially good source for assistance with using Google spreadsheets with Lectora Online?