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Jennifer, can you elaborate on what that means? I believe we deserve to know exactly what upgrades and fixes will be included instead of just announcing a new version.  Additionally, what exactly triggers a new version as opposed to interim updates?  The maintenance payments are not cheap, multiplied for those of us with additional licenses.

I’d like to see a direct comparison of Inspire vs. the other big player rapid delivery authoring tools. What will Lectora have to offer that they others do not? As of now, Inspire lags behind. It’s time to wow us. I have already switched most of our projects to another application as the Trivantis sale is eerily reminiscent of the downfall of ToolBook.

What did the sale of Trivantis buy the end user because so far it looks like nothing.

I’ll bet there are a lot of other fellow forum members that would like to know this information now?

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