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I appreciate your concerns and questions.

As far as releases go, we strive to offer major releases once a year (when the main version number changes) which include a variety of enhancements, new content, and bug fixes. However, we continually offer new features through point releases. For example, 17.1 included the introduction of the eLearning Brothers Stock Asset Library in Inspire, cmi5 support, improvements to xAPI, new publish options for mobile, and new options for audio and video. We also updated the framework use for Run and Preview mode.

On an ongoing basis, we also provide service packs to address widespread issues (both within the program and to keep up with technology standards) and as many bug fixes that are possible within a certain time frame.

Of course, our development process follows an agile methodology where multiple factors such as impact, customer demand, and scope are taken into consideration to prioritize and include in the release.

Not sharing specific information regarding features included in our next major version is how we maintain a competitive edge and also, since we are agile, accounts for the potential for priorities to change. However, I can tell you that Lectora 18 focuses specifically on improving ease of use and implementing often requested features. We’re looking forward to releasing soon, and will conduct a webinar (as always) to introduce each feature in detail.

If you’d like to make sure your suggestion is being heard and included we recommending writing up a request in the Trivantis Community, upvoting a suggestion made by a fellow developer, or submitting a bug to the Trivantis Support team.

You can view a great comparison of Lectora and other authoring tools provided by PCMag as well as a recent comparison conducted by Upside Learning. We believe that Lectora truly excels in a number of places against our competitors – from accessibility, to responsive course design, to the ability to extend and customize courses outside the box. The inclusion of ReviewLink, BranchTrack, Snagit, Camtasia, and the eLearning Brothers libraries offers incredible value.

I hope this helps to explain some of your concerns! If you’d like to chat further, I’m happy to set up some time to talk one on one. We truly value you as a Lectora client, and are committed to ensuring we’re providing a best-in-class solution for eLearning development.