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No problem, glad to have been of help!

That “flash” is characteristic of loading HTML pages from the same window. Unfortunately, that’s what seamless play was intended to fix. And when you don’t need custom JS in your content, it works fine… usually.

There are some things you can try yourself however. The simplest thing is to try setting the background for the whole document.


body {
 background: #EDEBED url(myGrayBackgroundImage.jpg);

You could also try hiding certain elements until the page fully loads to avoid the “flash” that appears before they load. I found a really old project where I tried this. I’m pretty sure the code idea came from StackOverflow or something :p

Anyway, doing this on elements that are loaded on top of your background images/banners/whatever will prevent them from appearing before the background is present. If this is used on elements that occur in the same location on each slide (such as a banner logo image), this will leave you with a “blink” effect where the element disappears briefly, then reappears. It’s a different solution to an even more minute problem, but here it is:


<!-- Add a class to flag once the page is fully loaded -->
<body onload="document.body.classList.add('loaded')">


/* Hides specified element ID until page is fully loaded*/
body:not(.loaded) #element img {