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i am wondering how other users value these extra’s.

Review Link essential for my QA, as I have a number of partners and contributors. It’s better than a SharePoint or other forum, since it has the ability for users to “point out” specific items on the screens.

Also, I have several uses for Camtasia and SnagIt, with some more minor uses for eLearning Brothers. Due to the nature of my current focus, I have not yet used BranchTrack.

  • Camtasia: Quick hit video microlearning and conversion of WebEx sessions to video; creation of captions for export to audio files. If I need better editing power, I go to Adobe Premier.
  • SnagIt: Quick screen shot and minor editing as well as video capture. If more complex editing is required, Adobe Photoshop comes into play.
  • eLearning Brothers: Additional characters to better engage in a more “personal” experience


If I ever move into topics that better lend themselves to a branching and/or “soft skills” design/development projects, I see Branch Track as a foundation and/or inspiration for those courses.