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 i am wondering how other users value these extra’s.

That’s an excellent question, and I would think it’s one Trivantis would want to know for their own purposes as well. I know I’m curious.

I can say that my experience has been that ReviewLink is a great service already, but with a few improvements could be truly indispensable for project collaboration. I could survive without it as it currently exists, half the people I need collaborate with only use it to preview content and then send their comments/requests via email or Excel spreadsheet. *sobs*

SnagIt is an amazing product, for a lot of general office work or documentation (my primary responsibility), not just e-learning. If you think all it does it takes screenshots, you’re missing out on its full potential.

However, my office provides everyone with SnagIt, not just people working on e-learning. Anyone who needs it has access to Camtasisa as well (which is really just one person in our whole company). I’ve yet to touch BranchTrack or the eLearning Brothers’ libraries, so I couldn’t speak to those.

If there were a moderately discounted subscription package that included Lectora + maintenance package, ReviewLink, and nothing else, that’s what we would almost certainly do. Like I’d said above though, I’d be curious to see a poll of how other Lectora user’s utilize these extra products/services.