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Still here, sorry for the delay.  Changing the href so screen readers will make sense will change the appearance, this is due to the CSS which I was unable to find.

Another question was how easy would this be for Trivantis to implement? Answer – About 3 hours, including testing.

Book of cheats?  Yep, I’ll be in that, however, the above is a “Hack” and a real pain as we need to overwrite the standard Trivantis JavaScript file each time we publish.

I would like to see a change to the publisher in the order of events, it should copy all the files in the extern folder last, the extern folder stores all the files that are “Attachments”.  This would mean all we need to do is add the file trivantis-toc.js as an Attachment and the Publisher will copy the file for us.

I have asked for this incredibly small feature a long time ago and it appears to fall on deaf ears.  How small?  How long would it take?  About 5 mins. work and it would affect nothing, meaning no user documentation needs to be updated.