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Tim K, yes, I know how to scale the text manually — one page at a time and sometimes one text box at a time — to make it work. But it’s preposterous that I should have to do this.

And I disagree with your premise that the text is deliberately not scaled to keep it readable. Do a Google search on your PC; then do the same search on your phone. Is the text the same size, or does it scale and remain readable? That’s an important piece of responsive design.

This is incredibly straightforward in CSS. It simply requires using relative font-size values (font-size: medium; or font-size: xx-small; or font-size: 80%;) instead of encoding text boxes as rtf with \fs28 to represent 14 points. And relative text sizes are exactly what we see in the XML Lectora produces for shapes, which is why this text scales (correctly) while text boxes encoded with <rtf> tags do not. (And seriously, <rtf> tags? In a program that produces content intended to be viewed online?)

Heck, this is even straightforward in HTML, though no longer supported in HTML5: <font size=”5″> scales to different sizes based on the size of your screen. (Well, technically based on the size of the window in which it is displayed, but for most purposes that’s usually the same as screen size when we’re thinking about phones.)