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Have you published any e-learning courses to your LMS prior to this project? If so, how did you do it?

If not, I would ask your LMS admins what that process is, and what format the published files need to be in. Most LMS’ are set up to handle SCORM 1.2 packages. Being an old standard released back in 2001, I sincerely doubt your LMS predates it. Both Lectora and Storyline can publish courses in SCORM 1.2 compliant packages (among other formats). It’s possible your LMS Admin team doesn’t realize that Storyline can publish to the same format(s) as Lectora.

If they’re only telling you, “The LMS is only set up for Lectora,” I’d ask what that means. There are other ways to upload content to an LMS without using a standard format (why even have the LMS then?), but none of them are really unique to Lectora.

If you absolutely must use Lectora in the end though, interactivity is what is going to be tough. Lectora has built-in tools for displaying video content, but not much for actively manipulating it, at least in the way you would want for a virtual tour where a user can click/drag to change the view/location.

It may be a bit of a wasted effort to utilize 360 cameras if you’re not using purpose-built software to utilize it, but using Lectora, you could set up the tour as a bunch of still images instead, with the user clicking buttons which correspond to a “new” location or angle (but would really be changing the picture to correspond to that location/angle). This is a ton of work if you want it to have a comparable level of quality to purpose-built software, since you’re basically doing manually what other software does automatically (and lets you focus on making the rest of the content look good).

I can give an example of that in a sample .awt for you, if you’d like, but I really would try to press for an answer from your LMS Admins first. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense to say, “It only supports Lectora,” because Lectora isn’t a format at all!