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I have given up choosing. I work with what I have and make the best of it. Having said that, for me the biggest learning curb was/is with Lectora. Since the other authoring tools I work with are timeline based, it was a big adjustment to go to whatever it is Lectora does. I personally don’t find it very smooth when building content and have trouble with simple things like font colors changing to default black every-time I want to edit a text block. Lectora maybe beats out Storyline and Captivate in the variables department…not sure because I have always been able to do anything I wanted in Captivate so I have never found it to be a limiting factor for me. As far as responsive design goes, they all suck b#lls. You pretty much have to design three separate shells for mobile, tablet, and full screen, just like when creating wireframes for websites, you need to do the same for all of the eLearning authoring tools for all but the simplest designs. Forget about it if you have any animations in your modules. They will never line up across platforms using responsive design within the authoring tools. I could go on for days…but I have work to do…lol