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For elements that are close together the selection rectangle is not a valid option. I have to test whether you could select multiple elements in different groups, and then use alt-click in the title -explorer to deselect any redundant elements. However this would be quite complex and inconvenient way of multiselecting elements in different groups.


Yes the latter works in LO. So selection rectangle different groups of elements, then ctrl+click whichever element you dont want selected in the title explorer and you got a multiselection over different groups. For now i do think this works for me. Ctrl+click in the title explore to select multiple elements in different groups shouldnot be too tough to implement, it is working allready with this workaround…

And another update on this… when following this workaround… you can ctrl+click to not only remove already selected elements, but also ctrl+click to add other elements ( for now only tested in the same groups…not sure whether it will work on other not selected groups ) So i do think its weird ctrl+click for multiselecting elements in different groups is not working, but when you follow the workaround…then it does work….