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Thanks Tim, that’s what I was looking for. My question was a little short of information because I had just composed a much longer version that had a lot more detail in it, but I had forgotten to put the “Subject” line in and when I clicked the “Submit” button, instead of telling me to fill in the subject line, the whole thing just disappeared! So I went with the Reader’s Digest version the second time. So having said that, the question I had was regarding the String that is activated in a Test (Quiz). I have noticed that when I click on the “Submit” button in a test question without selecting an answer, it returns “Incorrect”. If I do that the specified number of times for the question, the correct answer pop-up appears, and then when that is dismissed the “You must answer all of the questions to continue.” pop-up appears from the Publish Strings. I was thinking I could change when that occurred, but it looks like your solution will work just as well. Thanks again for the help.