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I’ve had the same issues in the past and was able to resolve with some CSS – and as you say the Accessibility setting. Thanks for the reminder on that!

I am currently experiencing an issue where the textblock (for the CC) was somehow corrupted. As a result, I cannot change the width of the captions box for the audio controller. For example, the width of the controller is 615 pixels but the width of the text within the controller is only 300 pixels wide.

I’ve looked at the CSS which is supposed to control the text aspect of the controller but changes to the CSS are not having any effect. Even though I point to the updated CSS file and removed any old (audio controller) CSS from the extern folder.

The good news is that I am successful in swapping out the (corrupted?) audio controller for a wider one which includes a matching wide text block – and the VTT will show correctly. However, the challenge in going this route is that any audio events are not transferring over when the clip is associated with the new audio controller.

Any suggestions? Trying to prevent having to re-insert audio events for an entire module.

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