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Just curious if Trivantis knows about this bug.

In a course one of my designers is working on, basically every page contains a streaming MP4 video. When published as HTML it works great. When published as an AICC package, the video would not play, and the HTML source showed that Lectora had invented a fictional URL pointing to “blank.mp4”. Looking at the video object in the Lectora environment, it was inexplicably mutating the URL from http://server/directory/filename.mp4 to http:\\server\directory\filename.mp4.

Weird, huh? And only with an AICC target?

And not when I worked on a similar course, only on that one, which she had worked on?

Turns out she was using version 17.1.3 and I was using 17.0.6.

And downgrading (if that’s the word for “installing a better version”) fixed the problem.

Let’s not even get into Lectora ignoring the “Lightbox popups” setting when publishing to AICC targets ….