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I found this topic in a Google search – I’m completely perplexed.  I’m getting an error in Chrome when I attempt to run my Lectora-authored courses.  It says Flash is blocked.  Why would it even give that error if it publishes to HTML5?  This doesn’t happen for courses published from another authoring tool to HTML5 and it doesn’t happen to all users on our LMS.  My machine happens to be one of them and there are a few others.  There doesn’t seem to be any correlation with Windows 10 version/build (1803; 17134.81), Chrome version (67) or Flash version (30.0).  I’ve tried “Ask First,” “Allow,” and “Block” and I’ve seen the courses run fine on other machines with any of these settings.  Do Lectora and Chrome not play well together on Windows 10?  Why only some machines?