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All of the browser issues for me are on a Windows 7 Enterprise edition, SP1, 64-bit system.

In Chrome (whatsmybrowser.org/b/7JLKHPR – Though I’m not sure all is accurate, as Java and Flash are both installed and updated regularly, but never report correctly in Chrome):

Dates and Locations section are off alignment; Boston and Where Next? have a white block that resembles a text block, but cannot be clicked on. The Buttons below are indicated by a cursor, but nothing happens when clicked on.

In IE (whatsmybrowser.org/b/ZEMSJWU):

Same experience as Chrome.

In Firefox (whatsmybrowser.org/b/LES5G97):

I assume this is how the experience is supposed to look and perform. Boxes are properly aligned. There is no white block at all. Clicking the button launches an overlay “popup” and darkens the rest of the page. Popups seem to be anchored to the lower right quadrant of the page, and requires me to scroll to see the whole thing, but otherwise, it seems to work fine.

Let me know if you need any other info. I’ve attached a screenshot from the Chrome browser experience. The IE experience is a duplicate.