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Well, this is very timely because I’m pulling my hair out with this issue right now.

I’m not sure I understand your comment, Math. Are you saying that if I publish with Lectora 17, it will eliminate the need for a Flash player? And all our issues with videos not playing will be resolved?

I have several courses created in Lectora 11 or 12 that use .flv files. Some learners can play them on our Cornerstone LMS; some cannot. I re-published one of the courses with V17.1.1. (using the same .flv files) a couple of months ago. But, our poor LMS administrator is still getting a lot of complaints from people that can’t play the videos. Most (but not all) are using IE. I can play them from our LMS with IE and Microsoft Edge, but not with Google Chrome.

I tried converting the .flv files to .mp4, linking them to YouTube, and publishing the course with V17.1.3. I posted it on our pilot LMS for testing, and I can view the videos with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but not with Internet Explorer. In IE, the videos show as a black box. This won’t work because most of our learners are using IE.

What else can I try? Like Kathryn above, I am completely perplexed.