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Thanks for this, Math, but I have some concerns about this solution from a sustainability perspective. For one thing, out of three course designers here I’m the only one who knows JavaScript. And for another thing, this solution works for me only after I upload it to SCORM Cloud or the LMS; in Lectora’s Run and Preview modes, the popup opens blank, which makes it look broken, and in Preview in Browser mode of course the popup shows a 404, which makes it look even more broken. Sure, I could leave a note in the course saying it has to be uploaded to work, but that complicates troubleshooting.

Additionally, I can’t quite get everything to work. Here’s where I’m at now:

  • Button on page 1 calls JS openWindow(), popup opens.
  • Actions on popup change contents of some text boxes, print the page, and call JS window.opener.closeWindow(). This closes the course!

My closeWindow() function:

function closeWindow() {