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I mocked the 2 images together in Photoshop to see the differences good…and indeed there are quite some.
But if you do you the same, you will also notice immediately that most of the differences are related to fonts, texts and bullets… and any layout differences are all related to that.

Can you tackle those in Lectora Online / Inspire or Publisher as default… No i am afraid not, the desktop fonts might always differ from those in the browser. Because Lectora Online is browser based there always will be a difference…in fact due to the fact Lectora Online is browserbased your best bet would be use the look and feel there to get a default setting to adhere too. Because its browserbased changes are best it uses webfonts or any other browser based approach that will fit you enduse best. In the end neither the look in Lectora Online, nor in Inspire or Publisher is final, the look in the clients browser is.

Ok, but how do i get it that it looks as close as possible wherever i check it.
Well then CSS for sure will make its entry. DONOT rely on the look and feel in your editor…being either Lectora Online, Inspire or Publisher. Make use of CSS classes to create a allover look and feel that will be consistent in any browser and any device. Will mean you have to know your way around in HTML5 and CSS a bit, but in the end you can guarantee a specific look and feel in every browser.

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