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You’re right, but that didn’t help. I don’t have a left: statement after onresize=”Reflow()” (I’m in 17.0.6 and cannot upgrade right now because it could take a week to get our ITS department to approve the installer.)

Here’s what I do have after onresize=”Reflow()”:

if( is.min ){
 var left = (winW > 700) ? (winW-700)/2 : 0
 document.write('<style type="text/css">#pageDIV { position: absolute; top:0px; left: ' + left + 'px; width:700px; height:835px; clip:rect(0px 700px 835px 0px); overflow:hidden;' )
 document.write('} </style>')

I changed left: ‘ + left + ‘px to left:0px, and still didn’t get the results I want. The page prints sort of acceptably. It’s small and in the top right corner of the paper, but not cut off.

I tried abandoning the special page size for this page, redoing the form a little to make it fit in the standard course height, and moving it all the way to the left on that page. It prints normal size, but still with a huge left margin that cuts off a couple characters on the right.

Finally I made the page size wider than the rest of the course, almost double the width of the text box, and left the text box all the way to the left. It prints beautifully now. Go figure — and I’m sure it’ll break the next time I upgrade Lectora.

Thanks again for your help!