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It sounds like the set a variable method would work for you, as long as the LMS controls access to the course.  What I mean is if you only use a per session variable it will not prevent students from reentering the course and taking the test again.

If the LMS does not control this access then you need to save a date value into a variable that is persisted.  You would need to do a little manipulation with Javascript to do a date comparison for deciding if another attempt is allowed.  This is a little tricky because if your students know about the date limitation they may be able to change the client computer system date and fake out your logic.

In some LMS systems you can set a period of enrollment after which the student will be un-enrolled.  That might be another way to control retesting, maybe after a certain period they have to enroll in the course again and at that would clear the variable allow them to retake the test.

Hopefully this give you some further insight and a possible solution.

– Joe