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Please advise, how does a customer ask for feature updates and/or much needed (relatively simple) changes?

I monitor conversations and pick out suggestions or pinpoint issues. If it needs attention and you want to make sure it get’s seen you can @ me like what happened in this thread. There is also a Lectora Suggestions forum, for both Lectora Inspire/Publisher and Lectora Online, where we recommend posting your suggested changes, as much background information as possible, and an example. Then your thread can be liked or commented on if multiple people are in agreement. Either myself or other members of the Trivantis team (Joe W likes to help me out when he has time) will review your post.

The information is shared with our development team. I personally have a meeting with our Product Manager on Thursdays.  He also meets with members of support, marketing, and other departments to hear all audiences.  We talk about what I’m hearing about in general and go over the newest suggestions/bugs/improvements are being talked about.  From there the suggestion goes through a triage process.  It’s scaled on importance, we look at the impact it can potentially have on the existing product, who has the availability to make the changes, and how much work it’ll take to complete. Among other aspects. Our end goal is to have a product that has a high impact on the front end and low impact on the back end.

This is me personally speaking, I know that last statement can sting.  Especially when you’ve been struggling with issues to make things work. I was a developer before I joined the company and in my first job, I was literally in charge of giving my team a go/no-go on updating Lectora since we had auto-updating turned off and didn’t want to disrupt on-going development (v10, 11, and 12).  But please be assured we are doing our best in this complex technological landscape to take into account the most open-ended number of computers, browsers, and devices that we support.