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<div>Thank you very much for replying to my question. Yes, the hyperlink continues to be a problem today. The interesting thing is that I can create a button and the hyperlink info is retained successfully there. But, I cannot get the hyperlink info to save when I create it within a text box.</div>
<div>I use the Chrome browser, but that should not make a difference initially, because the error is showing up during the publish process. However, when I re-enter the hyperlink address and re-save the project so that it publishes OK, the hyperlink does not seem to work successfully (in Chrome, using the Publish Preview option), however the link via the button works fine.</div>
<div>Is there a private site I can upload the file to? I did not include it with my first question because it has too much private company info to share with a general audience.</div>
<div>I have multiple titles with very similar names. The specific one to look at with regard to this problem is<b><span style=”font-size: large;”> RCW_JustPosttest_rcwLB_Test2</span></b></div>
<div>Thank you.</div>