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If you use the CSS option to add your CSS-file to Lectora Online, then thats exactly what happens. An extra CSS file gets attached to style elements. Disadvantage of this is you need to edit that external file eg. ‘myStyles.css’ in some external editor…SublimeText, Notepad++ or whatever. And when changed you have to re-upload it to Lectora Online and can use it. For CSS , especially when you not 100% sure you got all in it thats needed, it can be easier in your workflow to add it as ‘MetaTags’. Then in the edit-window in Lectora Online you can quickly change and edit your CSS. In the edit-window you have to ensure these tags surround your code:
<style type=”text/css”>
here you can put your CSS

This way ( for Lectora Online ) you can easier and quicker change your CSS. If its final, you can opt for the CSS-option and attach the file.