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Typically, when I have issues with the preview not loading properly it’s because something script-wise is broken on the page.

If you have any custom JavaScript, preview it in browser mode instead, go into developer view, and see if there are any errors being thrown.  Sometimes it could be something as evil as a missed or misplaced ‘;’.

Double-check all your actions to make sure that they all have a target and action assigned.  (Instead of the default action of “none”.)  I’ve seen a few rare instances where if buttons don’t have an action assigned to them (perhaps, you just haven’t programmed them yet), the preview will fail because the browser throws a JavaScript error.    Lectora didn’t write something correctly to the temporary page in prep for the preview.

To be honest, I rarely use the in-Lectora Preview mode.  The browser preview gives you a better idea of how it’s going to come out when published.  The developer mode of the browser is also way more useful when trying to debug.

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