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Got the same issue with launcing files or folders from lectora.

In previous versions that I have published it all seems to work, but if I republish these actions won’t work anymore. All path (and even web link) solutions do not work in run, preview, offline publish and uploaded published scorm in LMS or any other place.

Also when I start and try a new lectora project that needs to launch a file, it also won’t work.  Only when an action launches a document from my local HD it will open that file.

Tried various open file from server path solutions:

  • File://///server/_file Part 1.pptx
  • File://server/file Part 1.pptx
  • //server/_file Part 1.pptx
  • server/_file Part 1.pptx

or reversed

  • File:///\\server\_file Part 1.pptx
  • File:\\server\file Part 1.pptx
  • \\server\_file Part 1.pptx
  • server\_file Part 1.pptx



First I thought it was a LMS (Cornerstone) or server related issue. But in storyline it works perfectly online and offline.

How to solve this for Lectora?

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