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Hi Suzanne, although i do encounter this issue too… so it might be a bug… thats for Trivantis developers to find and if needed fix, i have made a workaround thats easy enough.

What i did:
– Setup the question like the rest. Correct/false feedback, individual option disabled.
– Change immediate response to ‘on Process question’
– Add a custom variable… i named it Q12298Choice and put the correct feedback in it.
– Add 2 actions to every choice/radiobutton
– the first action Modifies the variable Q12298Choice to its appropriate feedback
– the second action calls Process Question
– Make sure the second action has a slight delay. Else the default feedback will show and there is not enough time to modify the variable. I made that 0.3 seconds.
– In the feedback of the question make sure your correct/false feedback calls the variable

Well thats it..works perfect.

Here is a package of it too.

Kind regards,