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My Support colleague mentioned this issue to me as well. I think I have the solution:

  • In order to clear the learner’s answer between attempts you will need to use the Change Contents action. (You cannot use Reset Question because that will totally reset the question including the attempts count.)
  • You will need to create a variable to count how many tries the user has made. In this example, we named it TRY and set the initial value to 0.
  • At the title level, have an action to reset TRY back to 0 on show of every page. (This assumes only one question will be on a page. If more than one question is on a page, you will need to create TRY2, TRY3, etc.)
  • For each question, include a “check my answer” button with the action to Process Question. (This will cause Lectora to count the Attempts, and lock the question once the maximum number of attempts has been reached.)
  • For each question, set the maximum number of Attempts as desired.
  • On the “check my answer” button, add four actions:
    • OnMouseClick, Modify the TRY variable by adding 1
    • OnMouseClick, Process the Question
    • OnMouseClick, Change Contents of the question to blank/empty IF the TRY variable is less than the maximum number of Attempts set for the question, AND the question is not answered correctly.
    • OnPageShow, Set State of the “check my answer” button to Disabled IF the question is not empty. (This ensures that if the learner answers the question, then goes to the next page, then returns to the question they are not able to answer it again.

I have attached a sample title (package file) that you can download and import to see it.

I have also spoken with the Product Team and we’ll see if we can add an enhancement to a future release to simplify it a bit. (Fingers crossed.)