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A few more:


  • Allow ‘Add an Image’ popup window to be resized to accommodate large thumbnail Explorer view options
  • Ability to filter publish window to show only errors – often having to hunt through pages and pages of publish messages to find one or two red error lines
  • Ability to resize multiple selected objects at once
  • More granular MoveTo/transition speed sliders – ability to enter a numerical % would be amazing!
  • Some kind of timeline view like Flash / AfterEffects that allows you to scrub back/forth through animated elements rather than trying to time with hardcoded delays (a big ask, I know)
  • Improvements to ‘Convert to Image’ – has been raised often but would be great if this offered very high resolution PNG conversion, suitable for text
  • Automatically swap (C), (R), and (TM) for trademark symbols – as in Office etc.
  • Allow multiple variables to be selected in Variable Manager for deletion, rather than deleting one-by-one
  • Filter for Title Explorer where you can type an object name and only matches are shown (could also be implemented for variable/object drop-down lists – would be great to type into these and have the list filtered down)
  • Tie object names to action names – so On MouseClick > Show > Element1 would name the action OnMClickShow_Element1 or similar
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