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@darrel – Your insight was very much appreciated. Despite the fact the actions are sequential, they were happening way too quickly. I needed the move action to happen and then, after it stopped, the next action would run. Unfortunately, I have several buttons launching different move actions with varying distances. That along with the users browser or computer/bandwide speed means the delay would need to be different for each.

This is how I solved my issue:

Math provided a useful piece to the puzzle. I used his idea to track the location of the object that is being told to move. When one of the buttons are clicked the target location is set and the object is told to move. I then created a looping action (with a 0.1 delay otherwise you get an “out of stack space” error) that tracks the object position and stops when the target position is reached. At that point the next action group runs. When I can find time I will created a simplified version without the confidential info.

@mnotermans – Thank you but your avitar still freaks me out.

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