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Resolved …  I think  (after MUCH finagling).

I deselected the option in Lectora for “publish for seamless play” when exporting to SCORM.

Everything seems to work fine as soon as I do that.
I am not exactly sure I understand what that setting is supposed to do or how it is supposed to help. Sounds like it is supposed to help the loading from one page to the next be more “seamless” (please correct me if I am wrong on that). If this is so then perhaps it is pre-loading the next page in some way and is thus messing up the page completion state which I am using to track page completion (seamed like a sensible use for it to me 😉 ). I have no clue, either way I saw no benefit to other pages when using it and disabling it fixed this rather important issue for me.

Thanks for the comments and advice. Should this perhaps be reported as a potential bug with that functionality?
I hope this is of help to others with similar issues.