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Actually untill now i use Javascript HTML5 animation with GSAP straight in Lectora.. so i only need to know a selector for HTML objects to get an animation working. In Lectora 17 and with Seamless Play active i do notice its tougher to get the proper object selected…so that might hinder your workflow too.

In fact i did animate a lot with Adobe Flash in the past, and was thinking about starting to reuse that workflow again with Animate like you @jmartin9501 do. Especially because my workflow animating with JS in GSAP directly is sometimes complicated, especially for less experienced JS-developers. So this sounds like a great testcase for me to sharpen my skills on that part.

So if i read correctly… your workflow did work properly before…but not anymore ?

Did you test older Animate animations to see whether its related to updates in Lectora ?
Is your implementation in Lectora the same as before ?

I would love to help by checking the workflow and samples…as you mention a shared file is not an option…

Could you remake simple variants? One showing it working properly, one showing the issue at hand?
That for sure would help… else i would need to build samples myself first…

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