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Copying and pasting from the forum often doesnot work because the ” get converted somehow.
So either retype everything…or when copying and pasting go through all “s and replace them to appropriate “s in your code.

HTMLnames in Lectora Online dont stay the same as mentioned by @cainam.
For Lectora Publisher and Inspire they do. So when to check a HTMLname in Lectora Online use your developertools in the browser to see the actual names… If you check my posts you surely find more about that.. out of my memory Lectora Online replaces the naming somewhat…
Imagine you have a picture in Inspire or Publisher  with a HTML-name of ‘image12665’.
When you package that and import it into LO the HTML-name will change to ‘tobj12665’
If you aint aware of that, none of your scripts will work anymore.

I do love Lectora Online, biggest plus its cooperative options. But big changes when working with Javascript in it… be aware that things working in Publisher or Inspire with Javascript have to be adapted for use in Lectora Online.
Did make some setups in the desktop versions that work perfectly in Online.

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