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I oversee several courses that were originally built in Dreamweaver (I think) and had flash used throughout.  I pulled them into Lectora and converted the flashes from AS2 to AS3 using the same setup. I have made revisions, republishing in the latest Lectora throughout the years.  Recently, I have converted the AS3 Flash (swf) to HTML (Canvas CC) –something I had to figure out how to do. Again not much out there.

I have inserted the animations the same way in all of them.  Insert –> Web Window –> Local Web Based content (added .html) and checked “Include all files and subfolders”.  The first ones worked fine; some slides loaded a little slower. I guess I can understand some of the bigger animations taking awhile to load but now they all do.  AND, my next button is now affected (and wasn’t before).

A co-worker was wondering if something may be running (looping) in the background and eventually gives up on trying to do it.

I think I am going to give Jennifer’s suggestion a try.