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I tried moving two of my webwidgets up into the course level as Jennifer suggested.  I moved one that was pointing to a Flash Canvas/HTML Animation and one that was pointing to a video in our video server.  I made them both invisible and put actions to show/hide when they got to/left the intended page.

While the animation and the video viewer did not appear until the correct page, the audio on the animation played on every slide up to its rightful page.  The page would partially load, play the page 9 animation audio, then finish loading and then play the page.

Math, I was just starting to question if the createjs-2015.11.26.min.js that generates when you uncheck hosted libraries in Animate under Advanced JavaScript options was perhaps the culprit.  That was something I have recently started to do differently since some of my learners do not have internet access on the machines they use to take my training.  Leaving it checked does not create this .js and the page with animation goes out to the internet to get the .js  (which BTW cutting and pasting the code into a Word document at 11pt is 63 pages long).

I deleted the createjs-2015.11.26.min.js from the webwin folder of one of the  pages; it did not change how that page performed.