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Hi Tanya,

Some small issues in your file.

Fixed them and explained them a bit in this title i add.

2 things to watch…
– 2 ways of using CSS…either as real CSS and link a local file or as Metatags, benefit its inline editable but you do need the <style></style>-tags then, else it will not be recognized as CSS. The latter you omitted.
– As explained before in Lectora Online you cannot trust the HTML-name you see under the small triangle. As you can see in my sample title, the text23 textfield gets converted to tobj23 when Lectora publishes. So always use the console and inspector in a browser to check your HTML-names till you know by heart how to use selectors in Lectora….and then even now and then you bang your head to your monitorscreen…why is it not working 😉

Kind regards,