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Hi Math

Sorry I feel like I’m waisting your time when I make these mistakes sending over the wrong code…I swear I had those tags in my project (if you are still inclined to believe me).

I now see where you find the HTML name, that is a great help thanks. I’ll start playing around with classes when I find where to define a class 🙂

As it is, on my side in Lectora Online the text is still not getting transformed to uppercase from the file you sent over. I figured it has to be working for you so there must be something wrong on my side. I then tried a few different browsers just in case that had an influence but it stayed the same.

Finally I decided to run the page preview and there it was all working! I tried this in my project but I kept getting an ‘element not found’ error so I wan’t able to test it there.

It seems my problem all along was it doesn’t actually show the CSS implemented in Lectora Online…

Thank you for your patience Math. I have learned a lot with this.

Kind Regards