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Hi Tanya,
Dont worry, no waste of time at all. I still learn too. Questions are good… answers not always 😉
So im not quite sure whats going wrong on your side. Let me check my Lectora Online…. ah yes i do understand now.
You can test and run a course in several ways in Lectora. Run Mode (F10), this runs the course in the editor. Use this only for basic testing. I actually seldom use this, mainly because CSS and Javascript get ignored in this mode, and i do use that a lot. I do think you tested it in Run Mode. I use Page Preview Mode (F9) all the time when testing..you can view a single page that way including all Javascripts and CSS etc. you added. Best way of checking a single page. If you however need to test transitions and multiple pages AND Javascript and CSS, well then you need to publish the complete title…review that one…either on a LMS or straight from Lectora.
Kind regards,

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