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Unfortunately, I’m still having issues even creating a custom results page.

Thanks, Tim. I realized that once you shared your first reply. That did not resolve the problem … Man. Now on my “custom” results page, I’m having issues with a user defined variable displaying the correct number in a text box. Even though in the background, my variable is being retained and functioning to only display certain elements (retry buttons, text boxes, etc.) based on if the user defined variable is equal to or greater than 80 – it is not displaying that variable number in a text box that should display. It will only display a 0. On the previous page, I can see that the variable is up to a number of 100… I can’t use debug mode for the results page because that pop-up window suddenly goes white and only 75% actually even displays the results page.

Has anyone ever had a page almost seemed to want to close/exit/go white as soon as it launches. The only way I can see the page is if I publish the course and play it. That is when I can see that the user define variable is not displaying the correct number. I’ve attached a couple a screenshots that may or may not be helpful to untangle what I’ve just tried to explain above…