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Thank you all for your help. I know I threw at on at you.

Robert Watkins – Thank you. I was having trouble with Lectora’s default results page. Something I should probably tackle again later. I was discouraged when I heard from others that they usually don’t try and use the default results page because it’s a bit clunky for them. I’ll explore this again later.

Tim- Thanks for all of your insight. This was very helpful. In my training, we didn’t go over the test results feature in depth, so I’m mimicking others work, and I had a tough time determining what they had in their Test out of necessity and what was there by mistake. The Process Test piece you shared is HUGE and has solved my problem.

I didn’t try moving this because they had the “Process Test” action on page show for their results page. For whatever reason, their course let the page display still. A bit confusing… My test did not like this obviously. Thanks for further explaining to me that. I also appreciate the heads up on the Test_Score function. Does this mean there would be a default variable to actually display a percentage score though? It will come in handy for determining what to show and not to show on a results page, of course though.

Also, yeah, I realized the 80% deal after a while, but still figured it wouldn’t hurt to keep it as is. I guess I should being deceptive and allow a learner to think 80% in this case is actually achievable and be up-front about the fact they have to ace it 100%.

Adam – Thanks again for taking the time to sift through my mess of a test.