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The issue is that the actions are set to fire once you’ve clicked/hovered over the button.  So if you hover over something else/click on something else, those actions are still executing.  (i.e., you told it to show up after a second or 2 delay, and so it is still executing that task – the next action to hide doesn’t override that).    Obviously you can have the whole group show up at once instead of a piece at a time to mitigate this, or if you need the delays, inactivate the other buttons you don’t want to execute until all the actions finish, but then you don’t get the ability to immediately switch between the available options without a pause.

I’m not sure how to get around this natively in Lectora – I’m interested if someone has an idea.  But I have a colleague who wanted this type of functionality, and added some javascript to make it work like he wanted it to if you are comfortable with that.