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Interesting Tim… wondering however if and how that works.. in Lectora Online ( and probably the same approach now in Lectora 18 ) a textbutton on screen is renamed in the HTML to…
<div id=”tobj3462″  class=”testBttn” >
<button name=”3462button”>
The latter…button name is only given several divs deeper, since now Lectora uses SVG for creating the graphics for the button. The className testBttn can be given to it as before…

When i check the Trivantis generated code in Lectora Online… i find these codes for the buttons on my page…
var textbutton3025 = new jsWndTextButton(); //ExitClose
var textbutton2386 = new jsWndTextButton(); //Prev
var textbutton3462 = new jsWndTextButton(); //Button 5
var textbutton2388 = new jsWndTextButton(); //Next
var textbutton2393 = new jsWndTextButton(); //TOC