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This annoyed the hell out of me till I worked out the solution today. You’ve probably gone down another route, but hope this helps others.

In Lectora identify the HTML object name of your hidden Next Button e.g. button404437

In Captivate I am sure you would be Executing JavaScript at the end of your project

Insert into the JavaScript in Captivate (using the above button name as an example):


Publish your captivate as HTML5

Insert the HTML5 output from Captivate into the page in lectora with your hidden next button either as a webwindow (select all files option) or as an HTML Extension and use an iframe to display your captivate content. Don’t forget to resize which ever option you choose to the size of your capture.

Test and you should find that the next button appears at the end of the captivate simulation. This was working for me both in Preview Mode and when published.

Good Luck!

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