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I am anxious to test v18 for accessibility. I have not used v17 for production at all due to all of its accessibility issues. Fingers crossed that v18 is truly fixed in that regard.

Storyline and Captivate are still ahead in features, ease of use, etc. As for Lectora as a whole, I do like that it is the only major tool to publish HTML content that uses objects recognized by the DOM. Both Storyline and Captivate publish HTML, but not in such a way that JAWS recognizes the structure. So a definite plus for Lectora. However, the HTML that is published is far from good, even for simple things. Adding a margin to a text object results in an TABLE object wrapping the text with padding on the TD. Unordered sub-bullets are not written as nested lists. So plenty of cleanup that could still be done there.

But I wonder what is the vision for Lectora? What is the direction of the tool, fixes aside? What’s the next major design move? (I don’t regard Vaast and CenarioVR as improvements to the core tool.)

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