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Thank you so much for your suggestions.

I am working with lectora inspire 17 version and I have attempted to use the basic transitions “Fade in” /under properties on text box but it does not work within this template. I have been asked to do various animations from basic text fade on screen to more complex transitions of objects.

I attempted your suggestion

Using jQuery and Lectora to Customize Your e-Learning Courses: Part 1

and also the below link which is very close to what I am hoping to achieve.

How to Integrate JavaScript with Lectora Inspire

In both cases I have followed instructions as requested but I cannot see either samples when previewing (I am connected to the internet when viewing). I have attached both to see what the issue might be.

Also when delivering to the client the published form will be an “exe” so will this affect how the JavaScript is applied?(Again my knowledge of JavaScript is Zero) I notice the instructions mention… If you don’t want to rely on someone else’s server, you can download the file from http://www.jquery.com, attach it to your title…. What is the file extension the code is placed in when attaching it to the title.

Again Many thanks for your help