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You might try to add the “Go to: Next page” action to an object on the page and trigger it “On: Page show”. This should fire a little earlier. But in any case the pages must be loaded at least partly before the action can be executed. If a user only wants to review questions 1 and 50 it will definitely take a while before the 48 pages are skipped and it might even look buggy depending on how many pages need to be skipped. Users aren’t patient if the course looks faulty…

I would prefer Adams first suggestions: Create a page with a button for each question. Set all to “initially disabled” and enable those with variables = 1 when the page is loaded. This way the user can directly go to the pages. They can go back to the overview page or review question 1 twice if they like. They can review question 50 first if they believe this question to be more relevant or because they remember it better as it came later in the test. Adapting the skipping logic to work back and forth will be even more difficult.